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Student facilities at Sasin

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

After dishing out an absurd amount of money as tuition fees you expect something in return from Sasin; you don’t just want to learn new stuff but you want to learn them in a properly maintained building with all necessary facilities available. Earlier I already wrote a bit about the Sasabol recreation center , which is exclusive for Sasin students and accessible for 30 baht, and about the CU sports complex which is open to a lot more people, larger, nicer, and free of charge if you bring your own stuff. Also the canteen has been reviewed before, so today we will take a quick look at some of the other facilities. I am not planning to review everything though; the library for example is quite nice and probably contains a lot of expensive books and access to useful data sources, but I almost never make use of them. A review of the toilets would also not be necessary since there is not that much to mention about them besides that I would like to complain that there is no AC there meaning you can come back soaked in sweat during the hot season after trying to build a brown castle for the past 10 minutes.

The English text is not a translation of the Thai text! Makes me wonder who Sasin thinks they are dealing with to hang up a sign like this.

Study rooms are available on several floors, mostly consisting of a table, a computer screen to which you can hook up your laptop, and some shitty chairs with a hernia guarantee. There are some rules on how to book a study room, implemented a couple of year ago after the EMBA classes complained they had trouble finding space to study since they come in later during the day, but nobody seems to follow them. To be honest, I would not even know how to book a study room online.

In a perfect world people would follow these rules, but again, in a perfect world there would be no bribing of police officers, no rice pledging scheme, no government corruption, etc.

The rooms are now booked in typical Thai style which can also be seen in food courts: whoever puts an item on the table first has the right of usage. So you can walk in a room, throw your bag, key, or books on the table and then go for lunch for several hours. I have seen this happening a lot, especially in the study rooms behind the common room, and I must admit it seems to work pretty nicely since I haven’t heard any complaints so far.

An available study room.

Another way to reserve a room for a longer period of time is to leave your personal items there overnight. Some people overdo this claiming a bit though when they not only leave their books there overnight, but the whole curriculum of the year, snacks, bags, and even a chair to sleep in.

This room is claimed by somebody. I wonder when he will bring in a cooking stove and a chemical toilet.

Finally there is also the common room on the first floor, behind the elevators near the canteen, where students can come for some R&R. There is a kitchen unit with a microwave, a fridge, and some relaxing seats and tables. And most importantly: GAME CONSOLS!

Time to relax during one of the breaks. Or, maybe just skip a class or two for some extra practice.

I have to admit that I spend my fair share of time in the common room playing Call of Duty Black Ops II. To be honest, maybe even more than my fair share and I actually saw a huge drop in my study times and exam scores when I figured out how to operate the XBOX360 controls (I normally do my gaming on a computer). But you have to enjoy your student time, right? So for the MBA class of 2013, who just start with their orientation this week, it is highly recommended to create a profile, learn the most used maps by heart, and get ready for a year filled with inter-class team battles!

Hell yeah! Four player game of Black Ops II on a split screen Time to connect the second XBOX also for 4 vs 4.

Now I only hope Sasin repaired the locks on the door of the common room and the freaking AC! In the past months the temperature went through the roof there and not just because of Call of Duty action and people cursing all the time.