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Sasin MBA 2012 class trip to Koh Kood

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

A long, long time ago we, as a class, organized a Halloween party to build up some class funds. Part of this money has been used to pay for expenses like buying tickets when other classes organize parties and buying matching shirts for class events. How much of the balance is reserved for upcoming costs and how much is left is not known for outsiders, with outsider defined as the actual owners of the class fund but not directly involved in the budgeting, but it seemed there was an access which could be spend on a class trip. Against all odds the decisions of when and where to go were made efficiently: we would go to Koh Kood in the south-eastern tip of Thailand and it would take place in the break between Q2.2 and Q3.1.

Efficient decision making; not 30 polls to check for inputs first.

Since it is a hell of a ride to Koh Kood we had to leave early from Sasin: real early. The busses were supposed to leave at 4:30AM and everybody was warned they would leave without them if they were late. Luckily for most people the busses did not arrive till 5:15AM so even the 30 odd people who arrived too late were able to find their seat and try to sleep in one of the worst bus rides I have ever experienced. Even the cheap-ass busses driving me to Nakhon Ratchasima several times a month appeared to be more comfortable, as this bus was bouncing on flat roads like a customized low-rider car in a rap video. Too bad for me that I couldn’t sleep, especially since we had spent the night at Sasin playing video games instead of getting some rest as responsible adults would do.

Don’t be late because you will be left behind. Or, we will first wait till the buses arrive and then leave when everybody is here.

In the afternoon we arrived at the Captain Hook hotel on Koh Kood. The first activity was a trip to a local waterfall where you could take a dip in the water if you survived the climbing tour through the hills to reach to place. The hotel had everything nicely arranged with speed boats to bring us, pick-up trucks to drive us further, and tour guides to help us find the place and rescue anybody who was about to drown in the water. After returning we had a bit of time to relax after which the best part of this whole trip could start: the food from the canteen at the Captain Hook hotel.

BBQ’ed seafood, all you can eat.

Unlimited supply of seafood at the Captain Hook hotel on Koh Kood.

The next day started with a snorkeling trip of about 2-3 hours to one of islands close by. It was not the most spectacular coral I have ever seen but it sure was relaxing to do some floating around in the sea and trying to touch the fish swarming around you. The rest of the afternoon we had time off meaning we could go kayaking in the sea, go for a swim in the pool, or just relax in the shade somewhere. It was surprising to see people actually reading books to relax since in the past 2 years I never had the impression anybody has ever opened one of the textbooks we had to read for classes.

Our ride to everywhere we need to go.

After another big meal there was the opportunity to go on a firefly trip which I skipped; looking back this was a good decision since almost no fireflies were spotted. In the evening we had a big final party which started off with everybody coming to the front of the group to address the rest of the class by telling what they liked about the past 2 years. Unfortunately most people chose to do this part in Thai meaning that 10% of the attending people who did not speak Thai were about to witness a 3-hour lasting ordeal of jokes and funny insights of which we could not understand a word.

The view from the pier of the hotel.

The Friday started badly for me since I lost some money as I had betted only 20 people would arrive late at the departure spot. After that we followed our footsteps of 2 days earlier in the opposite direction to arrive back at Sasin. Unfortunately traffic is always a bitch in Bangkok on Fridays meaning the ride back took a bit longer; it wasn’t till 7PM till be arrived. All together it was a nice relaxing trip with as biggest downside that our big one week off between the quarters only lasts another weekend and then we start with the third quarter already.

View from one of the nicer located rooms.