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Sasin Halloween

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

Every year the MBA class doing their first year at Sasin organizes a Halloween party. Most of the time this is done around Halloween even though there are some exceptions like last year when Bangkok was hit by a flood. The main goal of the party is, besides giving people the opportunity to get drunk, to collect money for the class fund for the rest of the period at Sasin. Funds are normally needed to organize parties, pay for events, and give us the ability to go on some trips with the class as a whole also.

The FB page to announce the party and the place for finding party pics of the event.

Only part of the class did the actual organizing, but everybody was involved in one way or the other. At least we were all expected to sell a total of 10 tickets each, to friends and other victims, to make sure the location would not be empty on the party evening. Whoever did not sell those tickets would be stuck with them at a cost price of 800 baht a piece; just to give some extra incentive to get people selling. There was only an exception made for the foreigners in the class because they have a smaller base of friends in Bangkok making it, for them, very hard to sell a total of 10 tickets (well, at least I did not reach that number).

My former favorite swimming pool was turned into some party zone… 🙁

The amount of updates on the party intensified in the days running up to the 27th when the last decisions were made about the booze prices, the sponsor stands, and the tasks we had to perform during the party. My first task would be to try to stop the flow of people trying to illegally enter the VIP area which sounded pretty easy: just stand there, look mean, and do nothing. Halfway the party we would rotate tasks to not become bored by doing the same all evening and then I was supposed to do some supplies which also sounded pretty easy: just lift some shit, carry it, and dump it.

The rotation did not really work out so I was stuck doing the same thing till 1AM.

On Saturday the 27thof October it was finally time to party, and at 6PM it officially started. Since this is Thailand we did not expect anyone in the first 1-2 hours, so that gave ample time to eat, walk around a bit, and check out the sponsor stands. Around 19:30-20:00 I slowly moved to the entrance of the VIP area to start working (well, it was not really working since I am not allowed to work in Thailand).

Time to check out the sponsor stands, and the girls occupying the stands…

Around 20:00 the first performance started but the main party location was still remarkably quiet: about 30-50 people were there while there was capacity for at least 500-1000 people. Being fashionably late was expected, but now it started to become a bit scary since it would not be much of a party if nobody was there.

At 7PM the party was not really going yet

Around 20:30 the atmosphere changed for the better though when huge groups of people started to come in and the location was quickly filled up. Unfortunately that also meant my job was becoming busier since people tried to get as close as possible to the podium and it became pretty demanding to find out who was a VIP guest and who not (some had VIP straps around their wrist, some had a card around their neck, others were family of whoever and could go in, some were bodyguards of guests, etc.). Doing this job for only one evening made me realize why famous people tend to hire old football linebackers as bodyguards because some moments I found myself 5 meters behind the gate because the hundreds of people going in an out slowly pushed me back and even though I am not tiny I cannot push 50 people back.

Party menu Thai style

All together the party ended up to be a pretty good one after all. I have seen a lot of people enjoying themselves and there were no big mistakes made anywhere. First estimates were also that our class earned the largest amount with a Halloween party to date; so the bar is put a bit higher again for the following classes. Unfortunately we have not been given the chance to give feedback on what went well and what went wrong, so the Sasin MBA class of 2013 can try to figure it out by themselves next year probably making many similar mistakes.

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