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MBA cup 2012

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

There are times that there is a lot of competition going on between MBA students: most grades are relative and it is fun to outsmart others every now and then by asking some hard questions after they just made a presentation. But also between classes something similar is going on. Many professors compare our class with the class of the previous year and of course we always hope this will be a comparison in our favor. To stir up this rivalry between the class of 2011 and 2012 even more our class this year introduced the Sasin MBA cup 2012 to directly compete in a wide range of sports.

Sasin MBA cup 2012: be there or be square…

For this first battle between the classes the definition of sports was taken a bit broad; besides real sports there was also a drinking competition, arm wrestling, and virtual competitions. A week before the big day the competition started with some matches of golf but both classes agreed quickly on a tie to not have to admit to the rest that they lost all the golf balls in the pond on the golf course… That is what I guess that happened though; it could also have been a real tie of course.

On Friday the 9th the competition continued with just one match of arm wrestling; their big favorite was easily defeated by our representative after which nobody else wanted to compete anymore. In the afternoon some people played “Winning ’11” on the playstation, which is a lame soccer game, while the real cool people went full-on with Counter Strike in an internet café not far from campus.

After the course Business Strategy it was now time for a course of “Battlefield strategy”.

That same evening our party committee had organized a big BBQ at the Sasin pool and besides eating a shitload of meat it also gave the opportunity to finish the last booze leftovers from the Halloween party in a drinking competition. This ended in a humiliating defeat for the class of 2011 when our last contender emptied two bottles at the same time and even took his time with a toast before finishing the last bottle well ahead of the competition.

Saturday was reserved for recovery and the following day we got together again for playing some real sports that required physical activity. Unfortunately the CU sports complex is quite expensive to rent so we ended up in the sports hall next door where the lack of an AC turned this MBA cup into a battle of attrition.

Badminton, it just had to be played…

There is not a sports day in Asia without badminton and to my surprise nobody had organized a table tennis competition. Unlike the academic quarters at Sasin that only contain 3 quarters, we played 4 quarters of basketball next followed by a female-friendly game of chairball. For people who do not know what chairball is, it is a sort of basketball where you cannot walk with the ball and instead of aiming at a basket one of your teammates stands on a chair holding a basket. And finally there was an indoor soccer competition and here is where the superiority of our class became most obvious when we defeated the class of 2011 with a score of 7-0.

And the winner of the first Sasin MBA cup is … 🙂

Besides the actual cup we now also got bragging rights for a whole year, and hopefully a new edition will follow in 2013 so we can prolong our reign by defeating the upcoming class of 2013. That gives us exactly one year to practice in a wide range of sports since we do not know exactly which sports will be part of the 2013 cup. Hopefully it will involve something like swimming, running, and Counter Strike. I will be practicing these sports at least, just in case one of them will come up.

The score board with the final scores of each part of the competition.