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DigiMarketing with Ian Fenwick

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

In a way it was already clear what we could expect from the course DigiMarketing with professor Ian Fenwick because we had seen him before in our first year with the course Marketing 1. And as expect the course had quite some similarities, some of which I was rather happy about; case studies. In my experience a case study works pretty well especially when we actually go into detail. And during the case discussions we went into detail: instead of just choosing for one strategy over the other, we actually made some assumptions and calculated what the impact of the choice would be. So instead of making it an abstract discussion about pro’s and con’s, we would build a simple model to see what the impact would be and how that would impact our bottom line.

Lots of case studies for this course, that makes me happy.

While everything on the internet is changing quickly, the lectures were totally up-to-date with the latest information and most recent digital advertising campaigns. And unlike the slides in the previous course, the slides during this course were a lot easier on the eye.

One of the cases we discussed: big skinny wallets.

For me this course was also the first Sasin “action course”. There are several action courses being offered during the second year and to be able to graduate you need to do at least one. While it sounds pretty exciting and you might expect a lot of action, it actually only means that there is no final exam and instead you hand in a written report. For this course the final report was a digital marketing plan for a company we were allowed to pick ourselves. Many people picked a company they were planning to set up, have set up already, or their parents have set up, but it was also allowed to just pick any other company in the world. For my group we wrote a digital marketing plan for a company we are planning to set up which made the course rather interesting for me since this was something that needed to be done anyways so why not make use of your fellow classmates to come up with good ideas?

One of the slides we used for our final presentation when we discussed the marketing plan of the company of our choice.

In total there were 2 guest speakers for this class who would come over to share their real-life experience in digital marketing with us. Unfortunately one speaker had to change the date he could come over to a weekend so he could address the EMBA group, which meant I was unable to attend. Luckily the other speaker was still coming on a normal lecture day and it was interesting to hear what he had to tell about running the digital marketing for one of the larger phone companies here in Thailand.

The presentation of one of the two guest speakers that came over for this course.

Besides the final report we also had to give a presentation about a marketing campaign we could pick ourselves and hand in one case study. Just like last year the grades for everything we handed in came back within days which could make you wonder if the professor really reads everything we hand in. In this case I am pretty sure he does since we got very specific feedback on everything, stuff you cannot make up without actually taking the time to go through it.

Detailed comments: I am pretty sure he took the effort to read it all.

Now that we know the basics of digital marketing it is time to put it in practice before our knowledge is outdated. Hopefully it won’t be long till we can try out the things we came up with for our final report and see how it works in real-life.