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Are you healthy enough to study at Sasin?

Please notice this was first posted in the period 2012-2014 and can be outdated

When going through all the paperwork I got so far from Sasin there is one piece of paper that stood out, not in a particular positive way, which is the requirement to get a health certificate. Instead of explaining the reasoning to demand this they just give a list of tests and even forget to mention if, and how, they would like to be informed about the results.

Required for Sasin students, don’t ask any questions!

Even though I can imagine some reasons why they would want everybody to get a health certificate, none of these reasons make a particularly strong case. It might be handy for example to have everybody checked for T.B. (tuberculosis) before putting them together in one classroom, but in that case you should require a health certificate for everybody making use of the public transport, or taxis, also. And part of the certificate entails a check on elephantiasis which sounds rather redundant, just watch the movie “The Elephant Man” and you know what I mean, and a check on syphilis which makes me wonder what they think the average student is going to do the coming 2 years during their MBA.

But since I normally perform well on tests I was of no fear to get my health certificate, even without studying the whole curriculum before walking into the examination room. The drawing of blood, which was the first part of the test, went pretty well since I did not cry.

Now that they have my blood I just need to fill one more cup

Next step was to get an x-ray of my chest which also went smoothly: one of the X-man pushed me in the correct position and gave me some instructions in Thai from behind the glass radiation-blocking window of which I did not understand a word. Here the hours spend watching “Greys Anatomy” kicked in and I figured he told me to stay still and hold my breath for a few seconds.

I even got a compliment that my lungs were so big 🙂

Finally I was pushed towards the smallest room of the hospital to take a pee in a small cup which sounds easier than it was since it was early morning and I had already done my early-morning pee at home. Besides, I was not allowed to eat or drink before the examination since that would influence the glucose levels in my blood but luckily I always perform well under pressure and was able to produce a – not disappointing- amount of my bodily fluids on command.

You Mister, did not drink enough water this morning!

Total costs of the examination were below 1,500 baht and I was proud to be one of the few paying customers in this hospital; there are enough customers though, only not many actually pay for their treatment.

Jippie, I passed the examination and was rewarded “the medical certificate”

Besides the small typing errors on the health certificate I noticed I had apparently tricked the doctor enough since he even signed off on the “good mental health” part by putting his signature on the bottom of the document.