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In 2012 I made the bold move to pack up my stuff and ship off to Thailand. That was after working full-time for 5+ years in the investment management industry in the Netherlands. The main reason? I was getting married to a Thai doctor and even though I would have loved to continue my life and career in the Netherlands, it would mean she would have to give up her life and career in Thailand. We decided to try living in Thailand together.

I applied to do my MBA in Thailand for 2 years, full-time, to get to know Thailand, the Thai way of working, and the Thai language better. On this website I have posted almost everything that happened in those 2 years, although I have cleaned up some content since. Posts unrelated to studying in Thailand have been removed, and this page will remain mainly static the coming years.

In 2014 I graduated from Sasin with my MBA, ending in the 10% of my class (graduated with honors). Since then I have moved on to starting up a small company, spending a lot of time in the gym, invested in startups with friends I made during those 2 years, and now I finally settled down in Phuket where I am the manager of my twin boys born at the end of 2016, while running a household, and keeping my 2 dogs happy. My wife works on the island as a medical specialist.